live your best LIFE


Hi, I'm Alice and I'm passionate about helping people (re-)discover a zest for their life. 

Coaching is an opportunity to find fresh perspectives; gain awareness and clarity; explore options; identify and remove obstacles; overcome limiting beliefs and be inspired and motivated.  

A fascination for human behaviour and a spell of depression as well as realising I had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, led me on a journey to study the science of happiness and the field of positive psychology.  I then went on to become a certified coach (via the MOE Foundation where the coaching approach is holistic) and also studied emotional intelligence for leaders (certified with RocheMartin) and mental fitness coaching (through Positive Intelligence).  


Having had a wide variety of jobs over 25+ years in organisations ranging from small environmental non-profits to multinational management consultancies, I'm keen to share what I've learned along the way in order to help others unlock their potential and find their zing.


Is coaching for you?  If you have an area of your life you feel motivated to improve or are generally dissatisfied then YES!  Get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation discovery session where we can explore what you would like to achieve from coaching and whether I'm the coach for you.  Evening and weekend slots are also possible.  


ZING noun: energy and enthusiasm



Coaching sessions available (online via Zoom, over the phone or face-to-face in Edinburgh)

A series of 6 x 1-hour sessions

are recommended over a

period of 3-6 months

One-off sessions are also possible to progress a specific project.


One-to-one or group workshops exploring how to thrive in challenging situations & bounce back stronger from set backs.

Improved resilience has been linked to higher subjective wellbeing, lower stress, high work performance and fewer sick days.

workshops &

Workshops covering different aspects of wellbeing.


Intensive sessions to explore values and purpose and what gives your life meaning are also on offer.